Anthony and Tony have similar professional backgrounds, working together in Perth and Melbourne, and collaboratively in their recent roles in the private and public sectors.  Anthony and Tony have also travelled extensively.  To this end, they have common interests and shared experiences in the following areas:

  • Great design outcomes;
  • Interesting urban places;
  • Development that is appropriate to its context;
  • Development that represents a balance between competing objectives;
  • Development that offers the passer-by an interesting and engaging experience;
  • Development that makes a positive contribution to the local community;
  • Development that affords the occupant a unique experience and high level of amenity;
  • Exemplary development that provides a reference to others in the industry;
  • Development that represents an appropriate ‘point of difference’ to existing development in a locality;
  • Development that leads the market;
  • Development that has identity;
  • Optimum use of land;
  • The re-purposing of existing land and/or development;
  • Quality control to ensure development meets relevant objectives and planning controls.

For the above reasons, Anthony and Tony have established MW Urban.  MW Urban seeks to positively influence the timely delivery of high quality town planning and development outcomes reflective of their common interests, ideals and aspirations.

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